Teaching philosophy

I have three major goals as a teacher:

  1. To train students in skills needed in their future lives.
  2. To foster appreciation of the natural world and the search for truth.
  3. To increase student confidence

To accomplish these goals I strive to create an energetic and supportive classroom environment in which engagement is encouraged and student perspectives are valued. My inclusive pedagogy is based on current, evidence-based methods.

Teaching is one of the most continually rewarding aspects of my job.

Teaching experience

  • Instructor: Critical and Creative Thinking in the Life Sciences (2017). NCSU.
  • Instructor: Applied Statistics in Ecology and Agriculture (2016). VT.
  • Guest Lecturer: Biology of invasions (2014). VT.
  • Instructor: Plant physiology (2012). UMT.
  • Instructor: Plant physiology lab (2012). UMT.
  • Teaching Assistant: Plant physiology laboratory (2011). UMT.
  • Teaching Assistant: Introductory biology laboratory (2010). UMT.
  • Instructor: Plant physiology (2009). UMT.
  • Co-Instructor: Plant physiology (2008). UMT.
  • Teaching Assistant: Genetics and evolution (2008). UMT.
  • Teaching Assistant: Cellular and molecular biology (2007). UMT.
  • Teacher Aide: Beginner’s aikido (2003 & 2004). KU.