I am honored to announce that Rebecca Fletcher has successfully defended her dissertation research at Virginia Tech. I have known Dr. Fletcher since she was an undergraduate student at the University of Montana. With me, she studied the evolution of native plants in response to invasion, but she was a fixture in the halls of the Organismal Biology and Ecology Department, also doing research with Ray Callaway, John Maron, and Lila Fishman. After graduating, she moved to Brazil to do field work for two years. When she returned to the United States, she joined Jacob Barney’s lab at Virginia Tech, where I was doing postdoctoral research. Her dissertation investigates the evolution of invasive Johnsongrass as it’s range has expanded. Becky’s research provides one of the clearest pictures to date of the important role evolution plays in the invasion of exotic weeds. It has been an honor to know and work with Becky. Attending her defense as a PhD committee member was a proud moment.